Saturday, October 31, 2009

UPDATE: Gay UK Cop Who Was the Victim of Hate Crime Allowed to Leave Hospital

James Parkes, the gay UK cop who was left fighting for his life after a homophobic attack in Liverpool has been allowed to leave the hospital.
BBC reports:
James Parkes, 22, was off duty when he was attacked by up to 20 youths as he left Superstar Boudoir in Stanley Street with his partner Tom Downey. Parkes suffered multiple skull fractures to his cheekbone and eye socket but after 36 hours was able to talk and has since left hospital, police said. Twelve boys have been arrested and bailed over the attack. Parkes' partner, Tom Downey, expressed his praise for people who have extended their support since the attack. "We have been amazed at the amount of support and best wishes that Jay and our families have received. We are pleased to see people are as outraged by this attack as we are." Hundreds of people are expected to gather for a candlelit vigil at the scene of the attack on Sunday night. Mr Downey added: "The candlelit vigil is a great opportunity for everyone to come together and stand against this horrible type of homophobic attack."