Saturday, October 03, 2009

Same-sex couple forced to give up foster baby; loses chance to adopt

A same-sex couple in Winnipeg are filing a complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission because they believe that they were denied the opportunity to adopt their foster child because they're lesbian. The couple were forced to give up the baby Friday. How very sad for them. I hope they are able to prove the discrimination.

CBC reports:
(Manitoba, Canada) The names of the couple cannot be published because the women have two other foster children in their care. They told CBC News that they had agreed to take in a third child, if it would be a long-term placement that could lead to adoption.

"Essentially what happens is ... that you hand your little baby over to a police officer," one of the foster parents told CBC News on Friday. "[The baby] cries. [The police officer] hands her to a worker. She cries. They rush her out of the house and you don't see her again."

They said an official with the provincial government's Child and Family Services Ministry told them the little girl was a "blue ribbon baby" because she was healthy. "Why are we good enough to foster very special, high-needs kids, but we aren't good enough for the 'blue-ribbon baby'?" one foster parent asked. READ MORE

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