Friday, November 27, 2009

What Did Adam Lambert's Mother Think of His 'Raunchy' AMA Performance?

Adam Lambert has addressed the American Music Awards brouhaha several times already, including in a candid interview with MTV News, but it was his mom, Leila, who opened up about her son's controversial performance during a Wednesday (November 25) appearance on CBS' "The Early Show," admitting that even she was a little shocked by Lambert's onstage behavior on Sunday. reports:
"He always wanted to entertain, even just in our family, so he took it a few steps further. It's my kid. He's doing great. He is entertaining everyone, including me," she said on the show. "You know, I was a little taken aback, but I just went with the flow, and it's all good." She added that the part that really stands out to her, despite all the hoopla around him, is his connection to the fans. "He inspires so many people, and I hear that all the time," she added. "That's the best part, just the inspiration that he brings to people."