Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gay British soldier Ben Rakestrow comes out on return from Afghanistan

NOTE: Until 1999, it was illegal to be gay within the British armed forces. The Government was forced to change the law as a result the European Convention on Human Rights.

UK Pink News reports:
Mr Rakestrow came out to his colleagues while on a training exercise on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire. He arrived late for exercises one morning after going out to a nightclub with a friend who knew he was gay. "The lads all asked if we'd had any luck, then at least our late arrival would have been worth it. I just said, 'His name was Ryan'. Some of their faces dropped, and asked if I was serious. They couldn't believe it."

Mr Rakestrow who adorns his sleeping area with pictures of Hollywood actor Zac Efron said:"I get banter from them [fellow soldiers] all the time, but it's good banter. They all want to know about my life, they ask a lot of questions, you can imagine. I don't find it hard to talk about it." READ MORE