Saturday, December 05, 2009

Funniest lines from last night's Ugly Betty

Tanner Stransky at Popwatch collected 18 of the funniest lines from last night's Ugly Betty. Below are a few that I liked, too!

Tanner Stransky writes:
“One of the only c-words in the English language never used to describe you. The other one’s ‘cuddly.’” —Marc, after Willy asserts that she is not “cheap”

“Try to get her picture on one of those ‘I Lost Me to Meth’ billboards.” —Willy, giving Marc instructions about how to take down her competition for the editor-in-chief position of Isabella

“OK, but only because you have sturdy legs, and I’m in heels today.” —Marc, agreeing to tell Betty a secret so she won’t chase him around for the rest of the day

“My Photoshop life is so much better than my real one.” —Justin, after revealing a photo album he made showing his fictional life with idol Shakira