Thursday, December 03, 2009

Los Angeles Democratic Assemblyman John Peréz may become first openly gay Assembly speaker

Los Angeles Democratic Assemblyman John Peréz appears to be in line to become the next speaker of the state Assembly - and the body's first openly gay chief.

San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, D-Los Angeles, said Wednesday that Peréz has secured support of a majority of the Assembly's Democratic Caucus - including herself - and will have enough votes (41 are needed) to become speaker.

It may not be that easy, however: Two other Latino Los Angeles Democrats -- Kevin de Leon and Felipe Fuentes -- had been vying for the leadership position. Fuentes ultimately threw his support behind Peréz, but De Leon, who secured the support of the Assembly's Latino Caucus on Wednesday, "is still a candidate for speaker," said his chief of staff Daniel Reeves.

Bass said she is confident Peréz will win the seat. READ MORE