Friday, December 04, 2009

The weird gay denial of very gay Hollywood: Adam Lambert caught in ABC hypocrisy

"Hollywood is gay, in case you were unaware. Really gay, and the powerbrokers that write the checks and assign the roles, the puppeteers who groom the stars, take their percentages from the stars and write about and style the stars are all overwhelmingly gay."

April MacIntyre writes:
Network poobahs, Studio moguls, attorneys, producers, agents, manager and damn near every celebrity blogger, publicist, stylist and entertainment reporter who keep everyone in the headlines: gay.

Stars you have no idea about, in fact closeted gay actors overall do a really outstanding job at keeping their business secret. Many have mused in blogs that if Tiger Woods were gay, his secret(s) would be just that still, until after his death when the gay-tell-alls come out of the woodwork. READ MORE