Thursday, February 25, 2010

Guess whose dog is named after Olivia Newton-John?

Glee's Jane Lynch is uber-thrilled to be getting the chance to work with pop music legend, Olivia Newton-John in an upcoming episode of Fox's hit show.

Lynch says:
"[My character on the show] Sue Sylvester will be singing 'Let's Get Physical' with Olivia Newton-John. I cannot wait to meet her. I met her once at a premiere of a movie she did but this will be (better). I'll get to hang out with her... I named my dog after her! I was a huge fan of hers and always loved the name too, so Olivia Newton-John lives in my dog Olivia."
Below is a recent interview with openly lesbian actress Jane Lynch.

Jane Lynch: ‘I didn’t want to be gay – I wanted an easy life’

UK Mirror:. Glee’s resident bitch, 49, on not exactly choosing her path in life, how being a bit nasty comes quite naturally for her (we’re scared), and growing into being a big Hollywood star…

UK Mirror: Why didn’t you come out to your parents that you were gay until you were 31?

Jane Lynch: I didn’t want to be gay. I wanted to be… I wanted an easy life. And you know what? I am gay and I still have an easy life.

UK Mirror: Most actresses over 40 complain there are no good parts out there, but you just seem to be getting better and better characters…

Jane Lynch: The reality is it’s harder for women after 40, but I started working at 40. I’m a character actress and my particular brand is more mature, so I had to wait until my age caught up with the tricks in my little arsenal.

UK Mirror: You’re in the new Shrek movie. Do you get to be green?

Jane Lynch: I’m playing an ogre called Gretchen – it’s going to be a bit like It’s A Wonderful Life. I did voiceovers for several years – for radio and television in the mid-90s – and I really enjoy that work. There’s nothing better than voicing a character. You don’t have to worry about what you’re wearing, you’ve got the script in front of you, and it doesn’t involve your body, it’s all about your voice, and it’s really fast work.

Read full interview here.