Friday, March 12, 2010

Meet Jeremy Renner's ('Hurt Locker') ex-boyfriend?

Kristoffer Winters and Jeremy Renner
Two days ago, I received an email from a reliable source, telling me that the Oscar nominated actor, Jeremy Renner, took meetings this week with his representatives to discuss whether or not he should address the gay rumours. Many in the media are speculating the exact nature of the relationship between Renner and his close friend, Kristoffer Winters. Take a look:
"Just a couple days ago, I lost my shit over the possibility that The Hurt Locker's Jeremy Renner [right] was a gay. And now there's proof! Meet Kristoffer Winters (left), the ravishing redhead who, as the Los Angeles Times put it, was a co-investor with Jeremy Renner on a $1.5 million dollar home. The two purchased a restored 1924 Greek Revival in the Hollywood Hills back in 2008. There's nothing inherently gay about two dudes buying a house together, but COME ON."
And... according to a Reuters article, Renner has been working as a home renovator on the side while between [acting] projects with his business partner, Kristoffer Winters.

Renner recently spoke about his relationship struggles with a former lover, while on [The Hurt Locker] movie set:
And Renner was so exhausted after daily shoots, he didn't have the energy to call his lover back home. He recalls, "I was in a relationship at the time and, oh my goodness, it was torture. The time difference made it really hard. At the end of the day, all I wanted to do was go to bed, so I could have the energy to get up and do it all again the next morning."

"To sit down and try to sustain a relationship and talk about - I dunno - 'What did you do today? Oh, you went to the grocery store and you painted your toenails?' I mean, I don't care! I'm sorry, but I don't give a flying f**k! I'm trying to hold it together out here!"

The actor, who took his mum to the Oscars, is now single - and he is in no rush to find love again: "It's a good time to be single. I don't have time for anybody. The tragic side to all this is that it's a very selfish time, and it kind of has to be, and that's OK."
Earlier this month, Renner spoke about working with Kristoffer Winter:

Ten years ago, the best-actor Oscar nominee for The Hurt Locker and his buddy Kristoffer Winter started buying neglected Los Angeles houses, demolishing them and rebuilding them from the ground up. It's part hobby, part investment strategy, part a desire on Renner's part to do something tangible and concrete in an industry that's generally the opposite.

"We just fell into it. It's something we became good at. I drive by all the houses all the time. It feels good to provide a lifestyle for somebody," says Renner, 39. "I was tired of paying rent and with my buddy bought this first house and ended up fixing it up and selling it. It kept growing."

So... Were Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winter just home renovators or were they cozy home nesters? I'm told that we'll know the answer very soon!

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