Saturday, April 10, 2010

CNN: America's Most Trusted News Source for Discredited Talking Heads?

"Earlier this week, California State Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal filed legislation to update the California state code. Her goal was straightforward: to remove outdated and offensive language ordering the state Department of Mental Health to find the causes and cures of homosexuality. Inexplicably, CNN felt the need to balance this non-controversial issue by inviting a so-called ex-gay activist Richard Cohen [pictured above] onto its Newsroom program," writes Jarrett Barrios. "In 2002, Richard Cohen was permanently expelled from the American Counseling Association for multiple ethics violations. Both he and his theories have been uniformly discredited over the last decade. Despite the scientific consensus, CNN chose to list Cohen as an expert in the field of sexual reorientation--a field which does not exist in the mainstream of acceptable medical and psychological practices. By labeling him an expert, the news network gave Cohen a platform and credibility." READ MORE

There's no excuse for CNN's lack of knowledge regarding the reputation of someone like Richard Cohen - he's a quack. CNN, like all mainstream media, need to lead the Fourth Estate. These days it seems like they are playing patsy for every fringe crack pot group there is in America.

As my buddy, Michael Jensen, said in his excellent coverage, CNNFAIL: Network Statement on Gay Segment Lacking Any Responsibility:
It's 2010 and CNN expects me to seriously sit here and expect that this issue is really still up for debate?

It certainly is in some quarters, but those are quarters that at this point respectable journalists should stay out of.

I guess this means we can look forward to other CNN segments including "The Holocaust — did it really happen?" with anti-Semites invited to discuss the topic, as well as "Race in America: Should African Americans go back to Africa?" with Ku Klux Klan leaders brought on as "experts."

And just to be well-rounded, how about "Is the earth really flat?"