Friday, April 09, 2010

You can't put Jim Carrey in a corner...can you?

"Sadly, despite a splashy debut at Sundance 2009 and the buzz around [Jim] Carrey’s role, the film, I Love You, Phillip Morris, is having a hard time seeing the light of day. First bumped from March to late-April, the LA Times now reports that it won’t release at the end of the month after all, and there is no new date set," reports's Mike Bruno. "Maybe it’s the gay subject matter (though you’d have to think the movie’s star power cancels that out in this post-Brokeback/Milk era), or maybe it’s money (isn’t it always?)..."

I know why Hollywood is so scared of this movie...

Is it a coincidence that after Jim Carrey was seen kissing Ewan McGregor in public that Carrey broke up with his girlfriend Jenny McCarthy? I'm sure it wasn't the first time a man has turned gay after kissing Ewan McGregor! Perhaps, Carrey took the role too seriously and now plays on our team? Is Jim Carrey the next big star to announce that he too is gay? And you know how Hollywood is - an openly gay man in the lead? Never.

Just kidding...

But, it is odd that with Carrey and McGregor films having taken in billions of dollars at the box-office for many years now, that this movie still can't get a release date!