Friday, April 30, 2010

Gay Basher Gets 17-Month Sentence

In September 2008, Jordan Smith and his boyfriend were verbally accosted by a group of men while walking hand-in-hand down the street in Vancouver's West End. The group started shouting homophobic slurs at the couple. One of the men, Michael Kandola, sucker-punched Smith, who fell to the ground unconscious. Smith's jaw was broken and had to be wired shut for six weeks.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Joel Groves found Michael Kandola guilty of a hate crime and sentenced him to 17 months in jail, reduced to 12 months after credit for pre-sentence custody.

Kandola also received 12 months’ probation with conditions; Kandola must stay away from the downtown area and have no contact with Smith or his friend.

The judge said that the crime against Jordan Smith was a “senseless” and “vicious” attack motivated by hate and noted that Kandola’s punch was “vicious and unprovoked. It is a cowardly-like approach, sneaking up on someone from behind.”

Kandola's lawyer stated that they are “seriously considering” an appeal.


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