Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"... People who practice reparative therapy... [are] repressing a part of their own core identity, and they are motivated by hatred..."

"Christina Willings, a Calgary filmmaker who spent three years making a documentary about the ex-gay movement in Canada says she's not surprised by the recent arrest of Dr Aubrey Levin, a psychiatrist in Calgary who has been charged with sexually abusing a male patient." reports:

Psychiatrist, Dr Aubrey Levin, was suspended from the University of Calgary's medical school and charged on March 23 with sexually abusing a 36-year-old male patient. The patient secretly filmed Levin allegedly making sexual advances.

Filmmaker Christina Willings, whose documentary The Cure for Love follows the lives of people in the ex-gay movement, says it's common for those repressing a part of their core identity to act out in unhealthy ways, particularly in situations of power.

"What I've experienced in my research in the ex-gay movement is that most people who practice reparative therapy and who are highly invested in trying to change other people's orientation are repressing a part of their own core identity, and they are motivated by hatred of whatever part of themselves they deem to be vulnerable to same-sex attraction," says Willings.

Levin, who is a former chief psychiatrist in apartheid-era South Africa, was known as Dr Shock in that country for allegedly trying to cure gay military conscripts of homosexuality in the 1960s and 70s. Some of his patients also claimed they were given chemical castrations, sex changes and a "truth drug." READ MORE