Wednesday, April 07, 2010 (Snarky Collection)

"And the homoerotic photo of the day goes to..."

"Australian footballers Daniel Jackson and Troy Simmonds tried out a daring new position during a training session in Melbourne.

Looks like all that hard work in the gym has finally paid off.

"Just how I like my men..."

"Pretty, silent and forever young.

This waxwork figure of Hollywood's most bitable vampire Robert Pattinson was unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London."

"To be a Louis Vuitton backpack for just ten seconds..."

"Rapper/athlete Romeo carried the lucky satchel on his nicely toned back as he worked the crowd on BET's 106 & Park at BET Studios in NYC.

I can think of one personal belonging he's welcome to store inside me."

"To be an orange pylon for just ten seconds..."

"Actor Tom Cavanagh wrapped his lips around the lucky traffic cone in between takes on the set of his new TV show Edgar Floats.

I could paint it orange if that's what he's into."


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