Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Movie Buzz: Alex O'Shirtless, More (!) remakes, Depp handcuffed, Gay "jokes", Can a movie be gay?

Daniel Craig won't be flaunting his hotness as James Bond again anytime soon:

MGM Pictures has announced that the next James Bond movie has been put on indefinite hold, due to the studio's financial hardships, leaving the future of Daniel Craig's rugged sex appeal in question, at least as it applies to starring in the venerable spy series.

Can a movie be gay? Films don't have a sexual orientation, says Tom Ford

Over the years, mainstream films and TV shows have made great strides in this regard -- "Brokeback Mountain," anyone? Yet both the tube and the bigscreen still contribute stereotyped gay characters to the mix, and when gay characters are presented in a flattering (or at least neutral) light, they are frequently relegated to supporting roles. "This is not a gay film," says Tom Ford, who wrote, produced and directed "A Single Man," based on Christopher Isherwood's autobiographical novel. "Yes, the hero is gay, but we don't describe films with heterosexual heroes as straight films. It's important to break down this barrier. READ MORE

Gwyneth Paltrow has pulled out of upcoming transgender movie "The Danish Girl"

Gwyneth Paltrow has pulled out of upcoming movie "The Danish Girl" to spend more time with husband Chris Martin and their young children. The actress had signed up to play Nicole Kidman's onscreen wife in the movie an adaptation of David Ebershoff's novel. The adaption is about the first person to undergo a sex-change operation. But producers are now looking for another leading lady to star alongside Kidman.

'Kick-Ass': Why all the gay jokes?

What outrages me, though, is what hasn’t warranted a shrug of disapproval, either from Concerned Parents or from Clucking Media. It’s this: When Dave Lizewski, the average teen with super-hero dreams, is seriously injured while first trying out his skills as Kick-Ass, he is self-conscious enough to request that the ambulance workers who rescue him dispose of his home-made costume. And as Dave begins to heal, his father’s biggest manly concern is that, since his son was allegedly discovered naked, the young man might be gay. READ MORE

Jennifer Lopez returns to acting after a four-year hiatus in The Back-Up Plan, also starring Alex O’Loughlin

Jennifer Lopez returns to movie screens with The Back-Up Plan, her first film since since 2006’s El Cantante with husband Marc Anthony. But don’t call it a comeback. “I don’t really think of it that way. I was just home, kind of on maternity leave,” Lopez insists. “Now, you know, my first movie’s coming out since I was fat.” The years Lopez spent away from the camera could be considered research for her latest role as Zoe, a single woman who decides to stop waiting for a man and get pregnant through in vitro fertilization. Two years ago, Lopez gave birth to fraternal twins Emme and Max. “So many things in this movie was art imitating life for me because I had just gone through the pregnancy,” she says. READ MORE

On-set pics of 'The Tourist': Johnny Depp handcuffed

New on-set pictures from "The Tourist" have surfaced. Taken from the production on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Depp and Jolie have been filming "The Tourist" for more than a month. On March 17, the production in Venice was wrapped earlier because there were too many fans gathering around the location. Beside set in Italy, the film has also been shot in Paris, France. See pics and READ MORE.

Oscar-winner Rachel Weisz to play Jackie Kennedy

The hot spec script Jackie, about the immediate days following President Kennedy’s assassination, is getting the big screen treatment with Academy-Award winning actress Rachel Weisz attached to play the late first lady. Weisz’s fiancee, director Darren Aronofsky (The Wrestler), will direct and produce, along with his producing partner Scott Franklin and their Protozoa Pictures film company. It will be interesting to see how the British-born Weisz will take on the iconic role. We’ll keep you posted on where it lands, but should it all come together, it will mark Weisz and Aronofsky’s second collaboration after 2006’s The Fountain.

'Overboard'?! Why Is Hollywood Remaking Duds?

Hollywood is so fearful of original ideas that it's even willing to revisit bad ones. Not content with redos of titles that could use a little freshening-up, like "Clash of the Titans" or even "The Poseidon Adventure," a stupefying list of remakes have been announced for films that landed with a thud the first go-round. On the boards from raids on Hollywood's back catalogue are everything from cheesy '80s comedies such as "Real Genius" and "Overboard" to comic-book adaptations that bombed like Red Sonja." Remember how bad "Overboard" was? READ MORE

Razzie Awards coming to TV in 2011?

The Razzie Awards, the pre-Oscar ceremony that "honors" the worst movies of the year, is set to make its TV debut. The 31st Annual Razzie Awards will take place on February 26, 2011, the night before the 2011 Oscars. However, no word on which network will carry the show yet and on what date it will air. Razzies founder John Wilson and his business partner, Maureen Murphy, have partnered with producer Eric Ortner to bring the Razzies to TV, as well as expand the ceremony’s brand. “This year, especially with Sandra Bullock, it got me thinking, this is something the world has to see,” Ortner told

A bunch of new 'Sex and the City 2' photos released

Carrie Bradshaw's new adventure has been highlighted in a bunch of new pictures from "Sex and the City 2". One particular picture, meanwhile, captures Carrie having a conversation with Chris Noth's Mr. Big. Official synopsis for the forthcoming movie has not been released, but it has been reported that Mr. Big may cheat on Carrie. In the latest trailer released for the "Sex and the City" sequel, it is also seen that Carrie will meet her former fiance, Aidan. See more pics and READ MORE.