Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Rainbow tree genealogy becoming important to the GLBT community

"Genealogy can be very exciting but it can also drudge up some insecurity with people [in] their particular family structure...," writes Jarrett D. Terrill. "When I came out of the closet to my parents many years ago, I imagined my father sitting in front of our family tree and feeling like someone had just taken an axe to it. The disappointment, whether real or imagined, would have been further complicated by the fact that my only brother came out of the closet a couple years after I did. Yes, my parents got hit with a double whammy and our little branch on this enormous tree had stopped producing twigs. But if this is the case in your family, there is good news on the horizon. Single mothers, domestic partners, adopted children and gay couples are starting to demand equality in all areas of life and we’re beginning to see this play out in genealogical records as well." READ MORE