Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Of Canada's Most Celebrated Male Ballet Dancers Is Engaged To Marry His Long-time Partner

Rex Harrington is getting married! Rex is the former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and is considered an icon in the world of dance (he retired from ballet in 2004). Rex hopes his wedding announcement will inspire those struggling to come out of the closet:
"I think I've lived my whole life sort of open and honest," he said. "And for people who are questioning who they are and seeing that it's fine and we have a strong relationship, I think it sends a good message to those people who are having a hard time, maybe."
Rex and his partner, Robert Hope, have been together for over six years and according to a press release the happy couple became engaged while in France. Very romantic. The wedding is set for the summer of 2011. Congrats!