Friday, April 23, 2010

UPDATE: Shannon Barry Case

There has been some development in the Shannon Barry case that I reported on last night in my post, Lesbian viciously attacked; police failed to file report. The Edmonton Police Department referred the case to the hate crime unit. Also, the police will be conducting interviews with the victim (Barry) and the witnesses (her friends). Since the story broke there has been a public outcry. Edmonton's Police Chief Boyd admits that the police did not follow procedure but says he will not order an internal investigation until after all the facts are in. Below, are two excerpts which offer a little bit more detail. For the backstory refer to my original post.

UPDATE (Saturday April 24th, 2010)
BREAKING: Arrest and charges laid in the Shannon Barry assault case

CBC reports:

Shannon Barry, 31, suffered a broken jaw, a crushed left eye socket and facial nerve damage after being kicked in the face early Saturday by a man who hurled sexual epithets at her before the attack.

Barry, who is a lesbian, is recovering at home after surgery Wednesday to implant two plates in her face.

The attack is being investigated by the police department's hate crime unit.

Police confirmed they began investigating the incident only after a CBC News report came out Wednesday.

Insp. Phil Bailey confirmed the officer who handled the initial investigation filed his report Thursday morning and had been interviewed by detectives from the hate crime unit. Witnesses were also being interviewed Thursday, Bailey said. READ MORE

(via Edmonton Sun)Edmonton's Police Chief Boyd explains police conduct in the delayed investigation:
Edmonton police take hate crimes very seriously, police Chief Mike Boyd said in the wake of a vicious attack on a lesbian that cops delayed investigating.

Police have acknowledged officers did not complete a report on the attack until Thursday.

Boyd said the hate crimes unit is now investigating.

“I do want to tell the public that we do treat hate crimes as a very, very important concern to our community. That’s supported by our entire police service, our police commission feels that way. I know Edmontonains feel that way. And that’s why we are as aggressive as we are investigating that,” he said.

An internal investigation into the delay has not be ordered, but Boyd said there will be an internal review to see if a full probing is needed.

“When I get all the facts and circumstances, I’ll be able to say more,” he said. “Until then, it would be inappropriate for me to do so.”