Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why can't heterosexuality be cured?

"On Tuesday, CNN presented a segment about an arcane law on California's books that one state legislator would like to have repealed. The law mandates homosexuality be cured. It was added to state law half a century ago," writes Patrick Connors. Anyway, CNN decided the story needed examination so they invited the Assemblywoman in charge of the repeal effort, Bonnie Lowenthal, to discuss the bill with discredited nut job ex-gay therapist Richard Cohen."

"Why is it newsworthy to discuss whether or not gay people can stop being gay? I'm sure there are straight people that find that a fascinating topic, but for once I'd like to see CNN discuss whether or not straight people can change. Maybe Sandra Bullock would like to go gay now that her husband has turned out to be a Nazi pig. Can she change if she really wanted to badly enough?" READ MORE