Friday, May 07, 2010

How Some In The Media Keep Murdered Gay Victims 'Closeted'

"This lingering problem with honest reporting at the [Washington] Post surfaced again in recent weeks as the tragedy of the Brian Betts [pictured] murder unfolded. Betts, a nationally respected educator, was principal of Shaw Middle School in D.C. and a hero to his students. The Post has devoted much coverage, including front-page stories, to his brutal killing. Three teens are charged in connection with the murder; a fourth person faces charges related to alleged use of Betts’ credit card. Almost immediately after the story broke, several of us at the [Washington] Blade began getting tips that Betts was gay. Not closeted, but openly gay to a wide circle of area friends and colleagues," reports Kevin Naff. "Indeed, Betts was gay and the Post, even in a lengthy, prominent Sunday story about the murder, refused to report that basic fact. Post editors will tell you that his sexual orientation isn’t relevant or that they can’t prove it. Don’t believe them. If Betts were straight, there is no question the Post would report basic facts, such as whether he was married, engaged, had a girlfriend, ex-wife or children." READ MORE