Thursday, May 06, 2010

Oklahoma Hate Crime Victim Contacts FBI

"More than six weeks after three men beat him outside his Claremore, Okla., apartment complex, Phillip Nelson is still looking for answers," reports

"Claremore Police Chief Mickey Perry explained to EDGE the department still continues to follow leads and their investigation is ongoing, but following numerous incidences of anti-gay harassment, including threats patrons of a Tulsa bar made against him and his friend, Nelson decided to move to Dallas to join his partner and get out of harm’s way. A spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed to EDGE Nelson had indeed contacted the agency."

Phillip Nelson explains why he's not giving up:

"I wanted to call the FBI because... I wanted somebody with a higher authority to be involved in the investigation so they can stop this from happening to somebody else," said Nelson.

Even though Oklahoma’s hate crime statutes do not include sexual orientation, and state lawmakers have tried to opt-out of the federal law President Obama signed last October, Nelson has not let these obstacles get in the way of his quest for justice.

"Everyone on Facebook has bombarded me saying don’t let this go, because they think I’m going to let the case go because I’m down here with my partner. I keep letting them know I’m still trying to fight this," he said. READ MORE