Thursday, June 17, 2010

Was a legendary Hollywood actor 'outed' by Betty White?

Actress Betty While has been very busy promoting her new sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, making all the TV talk show rounds including The Joy Behar Show. Naturally, Joy brought up the topic of gay actors in Hollywood - can they play straight roles, etc.

Joy mentions Rock Hudson (who was not openly gay at the time of his death from AIDS) and Betty brought up Cary Grant's name!

Did Betty just confirm Cary Grant was gay?

Read the transcript, then watch the video:
Joy Behar: But when it comes to a man, all those years, I don’t know that Rock Hudson, he was the heartthrob -- let’s say he was out and everybody knew he was a homosexual, I’m not sure he would have had the career. That`s what the point of this article was.

Betty White: Actually it was his dear friend, his beloved friend Doris Day, who inadvertently outed him. She invited him to a show she was doing up in Carmel. So by then he had AIDS. So the minute he came on camera, then everybody knew. And Doris just couldn’t believe that she had been — you know, a party to that. But Rock was — was — everybody kind of knew his situation, but it didn’t seem to hold back his career.

Behar: No, no but ...

White: Cary Grant, the same thing.

Behar: Oh, he was gay too?

White: Oh, I don’t know.

Behar: Yes, you know something, Betty.

White: No, I don’t know. I never had him — I never had it.
Betty's wit is quick as a whip!

BTW: Hot in Cleveland premiered Wednesday night to big numbers - averaging 4.75 million total viewers, making it the most successful broadcast in the history of the TV Land Network!

Cary Grant was one of the biggest movie stars Hollywood ever produced and much has been written about his rumoured homosexuality. Check out this post from a few years ago: Were Cary Grant and Randolph Scott gay lovers?

Watch Betty White on The Joy Behar Show:


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