Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eric Arvin's "The Rest is Illusion": Book Review

"The Rest is Illusion is polished, focused, and glides smoothly like a skater on a crystal pond. [novelist, Eric] Arvin spins a tale of four collegians, each one brought to vivid life through stunning detail and painstaking inner monologue, that compel the reader to follow these characters as they confront their complicated loves and lusts, come to terms with their mortality, grapple with their demons, and find their own difficult paths to redemption," writes Tom Samp. "Dash, the protagonist, has inherited a fatal malady, and tries to live an honest and uncomplicated life, finishing a thesis on religious studies, and navigating being gay within a fraternity of rowdy and shallow young men. He forever changes the lives of Sarah, a level-headed, loving young woman in conflict with her super-religious father; Ashley, a likable and loyal friend whose strength of personality helps him overcome his albinism; and Tony, the handsome heartthrob, a stud-role-model who denies his attraction to other men." Continue reading Tom's book review of Eric Arvin's "The Rest is Illusion" here.