Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gay teen receives death threats and the police do NOTHING!

"After coming out as a gay student without incident in 2009 during his junior year at Valders High School [Valders, Wisconsin], Gregg Udulutch says he was taunted on campus throughout his senior year and received telephone death threats at home. When he repeatedly reported the taunting, school officials promised to investigate, but the harassment continued," reports Cindy Hodgson. "When Udulutch reported the April death threats to law enforcement authorities, the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department investigated and the local police chief visited the campus to meet with him. According to the teen, Chief William Riesterer put the threatening calls in the same category as toilet-papering a house. Riesterer yelled at him, called him a liar and told him the harassment is all normal high school stuff and that Udulutch needed to grow up and get over it." READ MORE.

Gregg Udulutch needed to "grow up and get over it"?


Chief William Riesterer needs to be fired, immediately!

Now that Gregg Udulutch's story is getting more media attention perhaps someone (a gay rights group?) in Wisconsin will help him get through this.