Monday, June 21, 2010

Matt McConaughey: Still shirtless, less dreamy (?)

"Matthew McConaughey is a chick flick man with no business being a chick flick man. The ratio of how dreamy he's being sold as to how dreamy he actually is can't be solved on a calculator without generating a division by zero error."

Christina H writes:
If you were to ask the average McConaughey fan (and I'm using the loosest definition of the word fan, as in "someone who's watched him in enough movies to know what he does in them") to describe him in one word, that word would probably be "shirtless".

It's become so expected that he take his shirt off in every movie that some movies have to come up with the strangest excuses. In romantic comedies, he takes his shirt off to seduce women, which would be really weird in real life but sure, whatever, that's the formula. In EDtv, he takes off his shirt to brush his teeth. In Reign of Fire, he takes off his shirt before leaping into a dragon's mouth to be eaten, presumably because he is a really considerate meal.

Continue reading "6 Reasons It's Time For Matthew McConaughey To Go Away" here.

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