Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rick R. Reed's "The Blue Moon Cafe": Book Review

"Thad Matthews is between jobs, between boyfriends and trying to pull his self-esteem out of the gutter in Seattle’s gay neighborhood, Capitol Hill. But he has to be careful during his nights out clubbing to find a new love/lust interest because there have been some gruesome deaths in the area, gay men mutilated and half-eaten, and it always seems to happen during a full moon," writes Alan Chin. "Let me state that I’m not a fan of werewolf, vampire or shape-shifter stories. To my thinking these types of tales, for the most part, have become a tired clichĂ©. That said, The Blue Moon CafĂ© drew me in from the get-go because of the characters, particularly the protagonist, Thad Matthews. Thad is jobless due to the economic downturn. He kicks around Twitter and Facebook during the day, and the gay clubs at night, trying to overcome his vast loneliness. There are also some particularly tense and well-written scenes from the werewolf’s point of view while stalking its prey." Continue reading Alan's book review of Rick R. Reed's The Blue Moon Cafe here.