Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chely Wright: 'Being A Closeted Lesbian Was Tragic And Torturous'

"I wouldn’t even buy a kd lang or an Indigo Girls record in Nashville. If I were to go into Tower Records at that time, the kids who worked there would say, “Chely, can you sign this record?” or “Sign this poster from the in-store that you did three years ago.” I was recognized. So when my partner and I would go buy the box set of The L Word, we would walk in, look around and grab it, and she would pay for it and I’d go to the car. But we reveled in watching it because we would see our story, we would see our togetherness, a glimpse of our life in those storylines. It was tragic in a way. It was almost torture to see those storylines; comforting and torturous."
Country singer, Chely Wright on living a closeted life.

Chely Wright recently spoke with about coming out as lesbian and how being in the closet deeply affected her well-being; read interview here.