Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OMG! Hugh Jackman is Up for Auction

"Hugh Jackman will take his shirt off and pump his muscles with a total stranger for $25,000 in cold hard cash -- and it's all to help children with learning disabilities. Jackman agreed to a workout session with the highest bidder for an auction to benefit special needs children at the Summit School in Queens, New York," reports Toofab. "The actor tells EOnline.com, he wants to raise money so badly, he'll even work out with his shirt off if bidding goes over $25,000. As of today, the highest bid is $12,500 -- and the auction ends Thursday!"

Oh, my gawd!
Oh, my gawd!
Oh, my gawd!

Just the thought of getting to have a private workout with my Hugh...

I think, I'm feeling a little faint...

I'm not obsessing over Hugh Jackman, really, I'm not...

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