Thursday, July 08, 2010

Outfest 2010: Actress Meredith Baxter will discuss coming out in Hollywood

"On July 17, the festival will host a panel titled Coming Out in Hollywood. Veteran publicist Howard Bragman will discuss the subject with Family Ties actress Meredith Baxter [pictured] and other industry insiders," reports Amy Kaufman. "Can openly gay actors convincingly play straight characters? That question was raised in a controversial article published by Newsweek in April, which referenced Broadway actor Sean Hayes. Now, the issue is being tackled at this year's 28th Outfest, the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which begins on Thursday and runs through July 18. The audience that the festival attracts, according to head of programming Kim Yutani, is predominantly male and industry oriented. Last year, around 40,000 people attended the 11-day event." READ MORE

For more info visit Outfest 2010.

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