Monday, July 12, 2010

Robbie Williams To Do A 'Brokeback Mountain' Spoof With Ex-bandmate?

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow to do a 'Brokeback Mountain' spoof? According to The Sun:
Robbie Williams is rejoining pop group TAKE THAT for an album and tour - and a video with Gary Barlow based on Brokeback Mountain... the video likening their love-hate relationship to the tormented gay cowboys in the 2005 flick. The tongue-in-cheek promo will accompany single Shame, which Robbie and Gary, 39. co-wrote.
In their heyday, Take That had some very homoerotic pop videos and Robbie is known for his cheekiness, still I am not digging the idea of this parody. However, if this is at all true, then it explains a lot about Robbie and Gary's relationship!!!