Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tori Spelling: 'My Kids Will Grow Up... Knowing That It’s Perfectly Normal For Two Men To Be In Love'

"I’m all for same-sex marriage -- obviously. I often refer to myself as a gay man and all my friends are gay and I would like nothing more than for them to be able to be married. I think the good news is that things are changing, generationally. My kids will grow up in a house knowing that it’s perfectly normal for two men to be in love, it’s perfectly normal for two women to be in love. They might even think it odd when they grow up for a man and woman to be in love and that’s how it’s changing. My kids will grow up knowing it’s all about love. It doesn’t matter who you’re with and everyone should have that experience. Being able to be in love and to commit to each other if they want to. I feel like that is changing."

Actress Tori Spelling on marriage equality and her close gay friends

Tori was recently interviewed by Joseph Hassan, who writes:
To anyone who turned on a television set between 1990 and 2000, the name Tori Spelling is synonymous with Donna Martin, the shy, unobtrusive and awkwardly chaste blonde high-school student the actress portrayed on the original Beverly Hills, 90210.

Now a star of her own reality television show, Tori & Dean, Spelling is a wife, mother, best-selling author and, at heart, an entrepreneur. Out took the opportunity to catch up with Tori about her latest book, Uncharted TerriTORI, why she sees herself as her father’s daughter, and a recent psychic journey during which she chatted with the late Farrah Fawcett.

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