Monday, October 18, 2010

The Life And Tragic Suicide Of Openly Gay WWE Wrestler, Chris Kanyon

Ross Forman has written a good article about the tragic suicide of openly gay WWE wrestler, Chris Kanyon. Below is an excerpt.

Chris Kanyon
"The words and tales of Chris Klucsaritis will come to life less than a year after the former world-champion professional wrestler committed suicide this spring. Klucsaritis—known to millions of worldwide fans by his in-ring moniker, Chris Kanyon—wrote and finished his autobiography about two years ago, though it never was published," reports Ross Forman. "The book, titled Chris Kanyon: Wrestling Reality, is scheduled to be released in December—and tells of his childhood through his world championship run with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It also talks about his training, struggles with his sexuality and mood swings. In 2004, Klucsaritis revealed his sexuality after retiring from the ring. He was a special guest at the hockey portion of the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago. He graduated from the University of Buffalo and also spent time working as a physical therapist. He suffered from bipolar disorder and, on April 2, was found dead in his apartment in Queens, N.Y. His death [at age 40] was due to an apparent drug overdose." READ MORE

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