Thursday, July 31, 2014

Must-See Events at Queer Arts Festival

[Vancouver, B.C.] Kelsey Klassen has a very informative article about "Three must-see Queer Arts Fest events" in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here's an excerpt:
This year’s Queer Arts Festival brings together artists from over 20 countries navigating queer identity across the international diaspora, speaks to healing and renewal by addressing topics such as addiction, and provides solidarity for those struggling for queer rights. The festival's remaining highlights include:  
Alien Sex  
Tentacles wrestle the sexual status quo; secret identity exposes itself; and the Empire is challenged by authentic expression in a work that mixes whimsy, savage poetry, heartbreaking vulnerability and B-movie joy. Get your alien on in this transdisciplinary evening, featuring the work-in-progress presentation of Alien Sex. Come dressed in an outfit original to your planet of origin. Prizes will be awarded to the best-dressed queer aliens.  
I Sing The Body Electric: Walt Whitman and The Beat Generation 
Just in time for Pride weekend, Erato Ensemble’s I Sing the Body Electric celebrates the queer spirit of Walt Whitman and the Beat Generation, who dared to express an individual language and lifestyle in the midst of the conservative social mores of their times, changing our culture forever.  
Queering the International   
Recent homophobic events in Russia, India, Uganda, and elsewhere have made it timely to highlight artists who address queer identity on an international scale, and whose work celebrates the complex human condition. Queering the International asks the artists, “What is queer, what is international, what is your diaspora, and what is identity?” 
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