Thursday, August 13, 2015

Canadian LGBTQ Rights Groups Warn Americans of "The Coming Gay Rights Letdown"

Last month, Canada celebrated 10 years of marriage equality. In that time many advocates have lamented that it has become increasingly difficult in Canada to get people involved in working for advocacy in the LGBTQ community. Jeremy Dias, director of the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, recently spoke to The Daily Beast about his frustrations in this respect, ranging from the difficulty in raising money for various LGBTQ rights organizations in Canada to post-marriage equality apathy:
From his experience in Canada, Dias warns of the “apathy” that can accompany a nationwide same-sex marriage victory, an apathy that only makes his work with the CCGSD more challenging. A large-scale 2011 study found that LGBT students in Canada still experience high rates of verbal, physical, and sexual harassment, leading Dias to conclude that Canada’s culture is far more resistant to change than its laws. 
“We haven’t really seen a change in the statistics,” said Dias. 
Courting donors to address issues outside of same-sex marriage, he added, has been particularly challenging for Canadian LGBT organizations in the last 10 years. The CCGSD has been lucky to find a place in a post-2005 LGBT landscape, Dias said, but he also made ominous reference to a “slide in donations” that other Canadian organizations have experienced since the passage of the Civil Marriage Act.