Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jason Matlo: Making It Big

Working out of his Vancouver studio in the historic Gastown neighbourhood, award-winning fashion designer, Jason Matlo, is keenly aware of how far he has come, not just in the fashion world, but as an out gay man. In an interview with the Westender, Matlo, a winner on the TV series, Making It Big, mused: “It’s a fascinating, fascinating time for the gay community right now; it certainly has propelled forward more in the last year than I thought I was going to see in my lifetime, because I was a gay teen in the 1980s – in Kelowna, to boot,” Matlo laughs. “I never thought I would see the day when it was this open and this accepted.” Already well-established as a designer of chic, retro-inspired women's ready-made and ready-to-wear clothing, plus a stunning line of bridal gowns, Matlo took the leap from selling his clothing lines to retailers to selling direct, a move that resulted in the designer's best sales year to date.

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