Thursday, August 13, 2015

NEWS: Qmunity Vandalized, A Gay Love Story, UVic Pride Referendum, RainCity HEAT shelters

Meet David, a 23-year-old bisexual man who was homeless by the age of 16. With the help of Covenant House and RainCity HEAT shelters he has been able to rebuild his life. "He was homeless on and off for six years until RainCity gave him a room in January and then helped him secure a market apartment in April. That was made possible with the help of a rent subsidy from B.C. Housing, under RainCity’s LGBTQ2S youth housing project."

Dara Parker, executive director of Qmunity, discovers homophobic graffiti scrawled on the building. "The fact that someone would violate a place designated as an LGBTQ sanctuary, in a neighbourhood known for being inclusive, in a city where people assume it’s easy to come out, in 2015, is frightening. Homophobia has not disappeared."

Hannes van der Merwe and Lonnie Delisle share their love story. "He found Delisle on Facebook and told him of his journey. Their reconnection was powerful and instantaneous. On opposite sides of the globe, the two had undergone remarkably parallel evolutions. Things moved quickly, thanks partly to Skype. Delisle flew to South Africa for Christmas and their love was affirmed. Van der Merwe moved to Canada in 2012 and they were married later the same year."

Myles Sauer reports on the UVSS Board of Directors meeting. "Emotions were running high in the SUB Upper Lounge on Aug. 10, as the UVSS Board of Directors discussed a referendum that would ask students for approval of a fee increase for UVic Pride."