Thursday, April 21, 2016

Steve Grand: "... You Can Have My Heart and My Soul..."

When Steve Grand released his debut single "All-American Boy" in the summer of 2013 it became an instant classic. I love the song. I love the video. And, I love Steve Grand for being an openly gay artist right from the beginning of his career.
I'm gonna wrestle you out of them clothes,
Leave that beautiful body exposed,
And you can have my heart and my soul and my body...
Just be mine

Be my All-American boy tonight
Baby you light my fire
Its gonna be alright, alright!

Be my All-American boy tonight
Where everyday's the 4th of July
And its alright, alright
And we can keep this up till the morning light
And you can hold me deep in your eyes
And its alright, alright
Be my, be my...
Just, be my, be my...
My All-American boy 
- written by Steve Grand

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Watch: Steve Grand's "All-American Boy"