Sunday, May 08, 2016

"Left of Str8 Show" Interviews Actor/Director, Trevor LaPaglia

Posted by Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

The "Left of Str8 Show" is hosted by Scott Fullerton. It's a fun-filled talk show featuring celebrity interviews with actors, singers, authors, foodies and more. The show was created by Fullerton and serves the LGBT Community and Allies, but is fun for everyone.

This episode of "Left of Str8 Show" features actor Trevor LaPaglia. The handsome performer is known for "Electrick Children" (2012), "Thylacine" (2014) and Beggin' Bros" (2015). However, LaPaglia may best be remembered as the object of holiday desire, opposite singer Steve Grand in Grand's popular 2015 music video, "All I Want for Christmas".

During the show, LaPaglia talks about his recent projects on Funny or Die, plus the series he has created with his production company, Whiskey Darlings Productions. Singer Steve Grand makes a cameo appearance during the interview and shares that he and LaPaglia are working together on a new project!

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Watch/Listen: Interview with Trevor LaPaglia on the "Left of Str8 Show"

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