Saturday, June 25, 2016

How Do Gay Couples Navigate Open Relationships?

Written by Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

Why do some gay couples have an open relationship? Does sex with the same person become boring after a few years? What are the rules to having an open relationships? These are some of the questions that writer Ryan O’Conner explores in a recent article, where he talks to a gay couple about this topic.

O'Conner writes:
The couple took out a notebook and began developing rules around how their open relationship would function. They included conditions, such as “no sex with others in our home” and “condoms even for oral sex.” An attorney, Kyle even went as far as typing up an agreement for the two men to sign. The couple signed that agreement more than a year ago and still live by its mandates. They both agree that their commitment together continues to grow, insisting that they are even closer because of the trust that has developed from their open relationship. They shared that they plan to continue with their open relationship for the foreseeable future. READ MORE
Have you ever been in an open relationship? Was it a good thing for you and your partner? Share your stories or thoughts in the comments.

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