Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Pulse Nightclub Massacre: Three Weeks Later, How Employees Are Coping

Brian Reagan
It's been over three weeks now since the Pulse Nightclub Massacre. The club has over 40 employees and they still can't go back inside, or back to work. The staff includes security guards, bartenders and dancers all of whom are without an income. Orlando Sentinel recently spoke with the manager of Pulse Nightclub, Brian Reagan and he shares his thoughts about trying to live life after the tragedy. "It was very surreal to not be able to walk in the building and to see a fence around the building keeping us away," Reagan said. "It was very difficult." The article features other employees who are also struggling emotionally and financially.

Orlando Sentinel reports:
Staffers continue to meet with each other in casual settings, like pool parties and for one-on-one sessions, Reagan said. While Poma has announced the club will reopen in the next six months to one year, it's not clear exactly where or when.
In the meantime, Pulse has set up two funds to assist its employees. One, The Pulse Employee Recovery Fund, gives employees wages they would have earned if the club were open. The second, Pulse of Orlando, provides workers money on an as-needed basis for issues related to the shooting.

For example, injured employees who cannot work second jobs can qualify for help from the Pulse of Orlando fund, spokeswoman Sara Brady said in an email. It also covers costs of doctors appointments, counseling or transportation to work.

The organization's board of directors handed out the first wave of payments to employees on Thursday. For now, they are limited to $750 per person, in addition to wages, and staffers must apply for aid.

Other local businesses are pitching in, too. An event at Southern Nights Orlando, an LGBT dance club, generated $77,000 for displaced Pulse staff. Wildside Bar & Grill, owned by Poma's husband, threw a Latin Night-themed block party in Thornton Park, which collected more than $42,000. All that money is being funneled into the two Pulse funds. READ MORE
Donations to the funds can be made HERE.