Thursday, July 28, 2016

Plans in the Works to Make Pulse Nightclub a Memorial Site

Via Orlando Weekly:
The owners of the gay nightclub Pulse plan to create a memorial at the site where 49 people died June 12 and countless others were injured in a mass shooting. In paperwork filed with the state for the not-for-profit OnePulse Foundation, the owners say the foundation's purpose include "conceiving, funding and aiding in the construction of a permanent memorial on the existing Pulse site." Owner Barbara Poma, who opened the club in honor of her brother who died of AIDS in 1991, has been clear about wanting a memorial at the club, but there was some uncertainty over whether it would open up again as a business. READ MORE

UPDATE (August 1, 2016) Via Rolling Stone:
The owners of Pulse have backed away from their statement that the club will be turned into a memorial for the 49 attendees killed in June. "OOPS! Looks like we got the media’s pulse racing with an inadvertent Instagram posting that incorrectly stated the Pulse Nightclub was reopening as a memorial," said the owners (via Reuters.) "Pulse is NOT reopening as a memorial," the club's rep added in a statement.