Thursday, July 28, 2016

Average Penis Size Revealed: Study

The question of what's a normal sized penis now has a well-informed answer. Doctors searched through 17 published studies on more than 15,000 men who had their penis size measured by a health professional and graphed the averages in the recent issue of BJU International, formerly the British Journal of Urology.

The average measurements were:
  • Flaccid length 3.61 in. (9.16 cm)
  • Flaccid stretched length 5.21 in. (13.24 cm) 
  • Erect length 5.17 in. (13.12 cm)
  • Flaccid girth or circumference 3.67 in. (9.31 cm)
  • Erect circumference 4.59 in. (11.66 cm)
The researchers say measuring penis size is important in assessing men who complain of a small penis and to investigate the relationship between condom failure and penile dimensions. For men with small penis anxiety, education and counselling may be helpful. READ MORE