Thursday, January 05, 2017

Love Is Love: Honoring the Victims of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre

To honor the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Massacre a comic anthology has been created called, "Love Is Love". Organized by out writer Marc Andreyko and published by IDW, the 144-page graphic novel features some top tier writing talent: J.K. Rowling, Patton Oswalt, Matt Bomer, Damon Lindelof, and Taran Killam. 

DC Entertainment has fully backed the project which will incorporate many iconic DC characters, some of which are LGBTQ themselves. Also featured will be characters from Archie comics, and thanks to Rowling, Harry Potter himself! According to Entertainment Weekly, "All the work and art produced for the anthology’s 100-plus stories has been donated, with the proceeds from sales of the comic going to Equality Florida’s fund to benefit the victims and survivors of the tragedy, as well as their families."

Entertainment Weekly's Nivea Serrao spoke with Marc Andreyko about what the process of working on this anthology has been like for him. Enjoy the excerpt below.

Nivea Serrao: There’s a diverse range of contributors, not just in terms of identity, but also comics-creating experience, included in the effort. Why was that important for you?

Marc Andreyko: Because this tragedy affected everyone to some degree, it was important to have diverse voices: gay, straight, trans, male, female, black, white, Latino, Asian… Diversity is a wonderful thing and I wanted the book to reflect the makeup of the culture. And comics experience wasn’t a deal breaker. I wanted people from every group who all had specific points of view.

Nivea Serrao: How would you describe the impact on readers of seeing big name characters like Superman and Poison Ivy, or even Harry Potter and Kevin Keller from Archie featured in this issue?

Marc Andreyko: It is hugely important for gay kids who might not be out or in a safe space to live openly to see their heroes and the publishers of these heroes telling them that they are not just okay, but are valued and loved. Representation is important for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have familial support or live in a big city. Having DC, Archie, and Harry Potter in this book could quite literally help people at risk know that they are loved.

Nivea Serrao: What is the biggest takeaway you want readers to have?

Marc Andreyko: Simply that, as the title says, “love is love.” We should all be lucky enough not only to love someone but to be loved in return. No one should be threatened or scared about other people loving one another. Love should be celebrated and encouraged.

You can purchase "Love is Love" here.