Thursday, January 05, 2017

Latest Issue of OutClique Magazine Captures Steve Grand's Sex Appeal & So Much More!

There's a great article in the latest issue of OutClique magazine with openly gay singer Steve Grand. In the interview Steve talks about going public with his sobriety, how important family is to him and who his musical influences are. Steve also discusses working with Eli Lieb last year on their hit song, "Look Away".  

Steve Grand says he had a "great interview" and that host, Grand Resort Spa made for "a super fun photo shoot!" OutClique really captured Steve's sex appeal in the photo layout but I also appreciate how Steve discussed his struggles with alcohol. Honesty is sexy in a man.

Talented photographer Kevin E McPherson really captures Steve's sex appeal in the photos! Below are more pics from the feature.

Steve looks quite sexy on the cover, don't you think?

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