Monday, February 13, 2017

Single Person's Plight on Valentine’s Day

Written by Jonathan Suffield

It’s that time of year again, the air is still bitter and so am I. Well, to be honest, it’s not for the reasons you might think. It’s the plight of the single person on Valentine’s Day. It seems like on this “oh so special day” of the year a spotlight is placed upon every human being who is unfortunate enough to find themselves unattached.

The questions start early, say mid January time frame, as your co-workers begin to circle like sharks. “I notice there aren’t any pictures on your desk, is there a special fella?” First of all, “fella?” What decade is this? Secondly, oh wait there’s a phone call. “Hi Grandma……oh you have a lovely girl you would like me to meet……..she’s older like me and never married?…..Grandma she’s probably a lesbian, like me…… I’m not a lesbian….I mean I’m gay, remember”…..and hang up on Grandma. Finally I get to escape to the sweet refuge of my home as I sit on the couch and turn on the television and am immediately bombarded with ad after ad telling me how lonely I am and how my life cannot be complete if I am not on a romantic get away... continue reading here.