Sunday, November 19, 2017

Cast of the Original 'Queer as Folk' - Where Are They Now?

Written by Tom Eames

Amazingly, Channel 4's Queer as Folk is nearly 20 years old. The series, following the lives of three gay men living in Manchester launched back in 1999.

Craig Kelly, Aiden Gillen and Charlie Hunnam

Created by future Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies, it is still considered one of the best and most groundbreaking TV dramas ever, and even spawned an American version, which ran for five seasons from 2000.

Charlie Hunnam played Nathan

The series focused on highly sexually active Stuart (Aiden Gillen), his long-time friend Vince (Craig Kelly) and 15-year-old Nathan (Charlie Hunnam), who was new to the gay scene. The show was both a realistic look at gay urban life in the 1990s, and a fantasy tale about various gay male archetypes. See what the cast looks like now! READ MORE