Friday, January 05, 2018

"EastSiders" Creator Kit Williamson Grateful to Have Real-life Partner John Halbach As He Navigates Hollywood Career (Watch)

Written by Shane Smith, Editor, Stonewall Gazette

In a recent interview with the Desert Sun actors, Kit Williamson (pictured right) and John Halbach (pictured left) discuss their hit show "EastSiders" and what it's like being openly gay men in Hollywood today.

Williamson created “EastSiders” while studying at UCLA. “I like to tell stories,” he says. “I like to imagine other people’s lives and do my best to breathe life into them.” You can read the interview here. These talented men are not only the executive producers of the critically-acclaimed, award-winning show “EastSiders” but they also star in it. Season Three is currently on Netflix and you can also check it out here.

Enjoy these two interview clips below.

'EastSiders' executive producers Kit Williamson and John Halbach talk about the challenges of making a micro-budget TV show. Williamson says he's incredibly grateful to have his real-life partner (Halbach) by his side on this career journey.

Los Angeles-based filmmaker Kit Williamson talks about being a gay activist.

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