Sunday, February 28, 2021

Disliking Gay Culture, Pandemic Needs, Firebird, Richard Potts, Gay Dreams, Digital Nomads & MORE!

Richard Potts, Artist

I've created the Blog2BlogLuv column as part of Stonewall Gazette's mission to highlight independent blogs, artists, writers and websites that may be of interest to the community. If you have a blog suggestion please contact me here. Happy reading! 

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Say Hello To Artist Richard Potts
I absolutely love seeing artwork [pic above] that has been inspired by meat. Richard Potts is pretty much the biggest meat fan around and over the lockdown he's been producing paintings and drawings based on photos from the magazine. You can see a few of these below, along with a brilliant portrait of the meat boys. Literally cannot get enough of them. Read more at Meat Magazine.

Pandemic Wants and Needs

It’s been my stance throughout the coronavirus that I am absolutely A-OK. My social anxiety and my introversion make me well-suited for locking down and keeping the world at bay. Well, all right. If you insist. No pining for a hug. No wishing to be a foursome, laughing too loud at the local bistro between nibbles of the brussels sprout appie. (Well, three of us nibbling. I’d have my hands resting on my lap, cursing the fact they’ve added bacon to a veggie I loved way before cabbage became cool. When bacon becomes the standard foodie additive to ice cream flavors, I shall have to pack up and join a vegan commune thirty miles down a dirt road in Northern Idaho.) Yep, I’m in no rush for my next dine-out experience. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. Take as long as you want, Corona. You won’t see me blink. Read more at Rural Gay Gone Urban.

How Two Gay Guys Sold Everything, Left Home to Travel the World ... and Lived Happily Ever After

So we decided to sell our house and travel the world. The plan was to move to a new country every few months, at least until we found a place where we wanted to settle down. We were lucky because our jobs as writers made it so we could work anywhere we had access to the internet. We spent 2017 getting getting ready: preparing our house to sell, downsizing our belongings, and moving our lives into the cloud. But where would we live? Would we feel isolated? Would it be dangerous? What about the language issue? And how expensive would all of this be? It was really hard to visualize our life ahead, and kind of scary, because we'd never personally known anyone to do anything like this. And even though it was only three years ago, there were fewer resources online. Read more Brent and Michael Are Going Places.

World Premiere of "Firebird" Announced

Firebird is directed by Peeter Rebane. A sweeping love story about freedom and love against all odds set in the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War, and based on a true story. A troubled soldier (Tom Prior) forms a forbidden love triangle with a daring fighter pilot (Oleg Zagorodnii) and his female comrade (Diana Pozharskaya) amid the dangerous surroundings of a Soviet Air Force Base. Watch trailer and read more at Ben Aquila.

How to Reach Your Big Gay Dreams in 60 Days

Someday Goals are goals we say we want to accomplish but put in the future. Because we don’t make our Someday Goals specific and don’t assign a timeframe in which to achieve them, we often don’t achieve them. Too many, goals never become reality. Dreaming of goals is easy. Achieving a dream is hard, and most of us get stuck on the first step. Trying. Why do we get stuck on this first step? Most of us get stuck on this first step because we’ve created a myriad of reasons why [the] success [we want] isn’t for us. Read more at Debt Free Guys.

Meeting and Marrying His Teen Crush: One Gay Influencer’s Sweet Love Story

Most of us can remember having all-consuming crushes as teenagers. For same-sex attracted individuals, such crushes can be both bewildering and frustrating, prompting us to explore our sexuality for the first time in environments that are not always gay-friendly. An Instagram and YouTube influencer yesterday revealed that the first time he fell for his future husband was at the age of 15 when he saw photos of him modeling on MySpace. PJ & Thomas McKay (@thepropertylovers) have amassed over 362,000 followers on Instagram. The Tennessee couple buy and renovate old properties, and share snippets of their lives via YouTube and Instagram. Regular followers will know the men grew up in the same town, and even went to the same High School but did not know each other back then as they are five years apart in age. Read more Queerty.

Is It Wrong To Love Men But Dislike Gay Culture?

I’ve never felt at ease in gay circles. Some say it’s normal to feel out of place in gay communities. You don’t need to follow what most gay people do in order to be…well, gay. But “what is gay culture?” As long as you respect other queer men and women and their right to be who they are, then all will be just fine, right? If only. Gay culture, as I see it, has always been a toxic and superficial brew of discrimination, prejudice, fetishism, and stereotypes based on youth, good looks and how things appear on the surface rather than what they are in reality. Read more at Black Gay Blog.

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