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Has Accountability For Big Tech Come Too Late? Trump’s efforts to discredit the 2020 presidential election put our democracy under tremendous strain, using technology as a cudgel In so doing, he followed in the footsteps of authoritarians throughout the world who use technology, including social media platforms, as a weapon. Expecting and encouraging companies to embrace better enforcement practices when it comes to hate speech online, whether through Section 230 reform or otherwise, is only one part of the solution. “Deplatforming” — a term used to refer to the actions that tech companies take to prevent an individual or a group, often extremists, from using their products — can limit the spread of hate speech effectively across popular social media sites while pushing them to more niche communities. However, when it comes to curbing the threat posed by extremism, these efforts are, on their own, insufficient and temporary fixes.

HUNDREDS of German soccer stars come out in support of LGBTQ players More than 800 players said that if a soccer player came out, they would have "our full support and solidarity" 
The fear of being attacked and ostracized after coming out and of jeopardizing one’s career as a professional footballer is apparently still so great that gay footballers believe they have to hide their sexuality.

James Webb Hated Gay People. Why Are We Naming A Telescope After Him? Later this year, NASA plans to launch the James Webb Space Telescope, the Hubble Space Telescope’s long-awaited successor that’s expected to revolutionize space research
 But scientists are concerned, saying that Webb may not be the right person to name such an important observatory after. Aside from being a former NASA Administrator, Webb had an extensive career in the State Department — where, they’re pointing out, he helped pioneer psychological warfare and also assisted in purging gay people from the rosters of government agencies.

Founders of "Rainbow Camp" Receive Governor General's Award For Work With LGBTQ Youth
For nearly 10 years, the northern Ontario Canada camp has been helping kids connect with each other and themselves. Co-founders Harry Stewart and Chris Southin, who are among this year's recipients of Meritorious Service Decorations, started the camp with a total of 12 kids. The co-founders of Rainbow Camp in Thessalon say they are honoured to be recognized by the Governor General's office for their work on a program that creates a safe space for LGBTQ youth. "'We are so thankful for the people that are around us and for the donations we get and the support".

WandaVision Is the Most Pandemic TV Show Yet
The main character in the series escapes into nostalgic sitcoms to avoid the grim state of the real world. Sound familiar? Entertainment is, among other things, an escape. An absorbing story, enriching world and compelling characters can help us forget our problems and fears for a brief time. In Disney+’s Marvel Cinematic Universe spin-off WandaVision, Wanda Maximof—the ex-Avenger with the power to influence behavior and reality—has made television, quite literally, her life in order to escape from her grief over losing her great love, the synthetic android Vision.

Gay Academic Was Unfairly Dismissed From Oxford Islamic Centre But Not Due to His Sexuality, Tribunal Rules
Dr Kevin Fogg, 37, claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed due to the fact that he is a bisexual man in a homosexual relationship and that it “did not comply” with the preference of its main funders. In his employment tribunal, he argued that he was a victim of direct age discrimination as well as indirect discrimination due to his sexual orientation.

Ken Moody and Robert Sherman by Robert Mapplethorpe

First Robert Mapplethorpe Show in Korea Highlights Iconic Status of U.S Photographer Mapplethorpe was an icon of American society, challenging the world with his bold and proactive works that featured 
the bodies of women, Black men and the LGBT community in the 1970s and 1980s. Born in 1946, Mapplethorpe has left more than 2,000 photographs that are owned by world-renowned museums and the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, which the artist founded in 1988 to promote photographic art and fund AIDS and HIV research. The artist died in 1989 of complications from AIDS. The exhibition “Robert Mapplethorpe: More Life,” held at Kukje Gallery’s Seoul and Busan venues, is the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work in Korea. The show runs through March 28, 2021.

Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month
Every March, we come together as a community for Bisexual+ Health Awareness Month to raise awareness and bring attention to the disparities facing the bi+ community when it comes to health and health care spaces. HRC is again proud to support the Bisexual Resource Center, which founded Bi+ Health Month, and organizations across the country to observe the eighth annual #BiHealthMonth this March. This year’s theme of “Equity” further highlights the importance of looking at our work with careful attention to the intersectional disparities that impact the most vulnerable among us.

Beautiful Murals Celebrating The LGBTQ Community Are Popping Up All Across Australia! To celebrate Mardi Gras, Instagram has partnered with a whole slew of LGBTQI+ creatives 
to create five jaw-dropping art installations. Popping up in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Melbourne, each of the works of art champion the city’s local ‘Rising Heroes’ from the queer community. Some of the creatives featured include musicians Troye Sivan and Cub Sport, Olympian Michelle Heyman, Indigenous drag performer Felicia Foxx, trans model AJ Clementine, non-binary beauty creator Roshan Nausad and comedian Jeff van de Zand, just to name a few. 

'It's a Sin' Creator Explains Why There Won't Be A Second Season of The Hit TV Series
There isn't a second season. It was lovely. It said everything I wanted to say I don't know how I follow something like It's a Sin. I think I'm just going to write something funny. I look at my career and I'm a bit puzzled on when I became such a tragedian, when I'm a really big laugh actually.

Straight Men Having Sex with Men Is A ‘Guy’ Thing Not A ‘Gay’ Thing
When straight men have sex with men, they’re still straight, it doesn’t erase heterosexuality any more than when gay men have sex with women. They’re still gay. It doesn’t erase their homosexuality.”

Jimmy Fowlie

Grindr to Produce its First Original Content Series, "BRIDESMAN" The irreverent, fast-paced comedy series follows a gay bridesman as he undermines his best friend's wedding 
The six to ten-minute episodes are set to premiere in the fall on YouTube as well as in-app to Grindr's nearly 5 million daily active users. The show will feature comedians Jimmy Fowlie, Sydnee Washington and Shannon Devido in the lead roles, with guest appearances by an ensemble cast of beloved LGBTQ+ personalities that includes Liva Pierce, Calvin Seabrooks, Benito Skinner, and Kim Petras.

Family Physicians and HIV Media Boost Confidence in Accessing Care People who turned to family members for HIV information, 
even if they had a primary care provider, were seven times less confident that they could get HIV care or prevention services if they needed them. Confidence in accessing HIV care and prevention services was highest among people who went to two sources for their HIV information: their primary care provider and the HIV media. By contrast, that confidence dropped significantly if the respondent was bisexual or if their primary source of HIV information was family members.

The Untold Story of Queer Foster Families In the 1970's, social workers in several states placed queer teen-agers with queer foster parents, in discrete acts of quiet radicalism
 It was 1971, and the state of Washington didn’t know how to handle an openly gay teen-ager, either. The Department of Social and Health Services tried sending Don Ward to an all-male group home run by Pentecostals who were committed to exorcising the “demon of homosexuality” out of him. Ward didn’t get along with his roommates. The state placed him with a religious couple, who gave him a basement room that had only three walls; the lack of privacy, the parents said, would help keep his homosexuality in check. Ward left that home six months later, after a fight with his foster mom about chores. Then he was placed with a childless married couple, who seemed perfect, and who accepted his sexuality. Within a few months, they began to physically abuse him, Ward told me.

Canadian Assault Victim Sues Anti-Gay Preacher Dorre Love and Christ’s Forgiveness Ministries

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