Sunday, March 21, 2021

Tom Hanks, RIP Robina Asti, Online Filters, Queer Podcasts, 'War on AIDS' Survivors, The Queen's Diversity Issues & MORE!

Activists Rally for LGBTQ Asylum Seekers in Manhattan

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Always Fail LGBTQ People 
Alongside the simple fact that defining queer is impossible, AI currently relies on commercial data stacks. This data sits in a system that also doesn’t always see our sexuality or a more fluid gender binary.

New Zealand Debuts its First All-Queer, All-People of Color Play

Students Fight Online Filters for LGBTQ Searches 
Before March 11, terms including “gay,” “queer” and “same-sex marriage” were all searchable.

Jang Yeong-jin

North Korea’s ‘Only Openly Gay Defector’ Finds Love 
Jang Yeong-jin's remarkable story as North Korea's only openly gay defector was covered by the international media after he published his autobiography. Now, almost a quarter of a century after fleeing the country, he plans to marry his American boyfriend.

Why I'm Nobody's 'Wife:' Queer Culture Deserves Identifiers That Look Forward, Not Backward

The Remarkable True Stories of the Survivors Who Fought Australia's War on AIDS “We Were Going to War Every Day”

Robina Asti

Robina Asti Dies at 99 
She made history on the ground and in the air! As a transgender veteran she challenged government bureaucracy when her husband died and she was denied survivor benefits by the Social Security Administration on the grounds that she was not legally a woman at the time of her marriage. She then set out to be recognized as the oldest working flight instructor.

Queer Podcasts and YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Should Be Following

Diversity Review Under Way at Buckingham Palace 
Royal sources have stressed that the Palace already has policies, procedures and programmes in place but has not seen the progress it would like.

Antonio Banderas and Tom Hanks in Philadelphia

On This Gay Day in 1994
Tom Hanks Won an Oscar for AIDS Drama ‘Philadelphia’ 
Hanks won his first Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Andrew Beckett, a lawyer who faces discrimination when his colleagues discover he his gay and living with HIV. Antonio Banderas played Miguel Álvarez, Beckett's lover in the film. When Hanks took to the stage to accept the Oscar for his acting, he made mention of a gay school teachers and a classmate who’d inspired him in his youth. That action would provide the inspiration for the film In and Out starring Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck. Hanks also paid tribute to the millions of people who has succumbed to HIV and argued for compassion and understanding.


Gay History is Hidden History 
Criminal cases in queer history are poorly documented and hard to come by in Australia. Dr Murdoch was able to identify Mr Irvine's sexuality through criminal trial records and witness statements from the public records office in Melbourne. "A lot of queer history is supposition because nobody left a diary that confesses everything, because that could be used by the police for prosecution or by people for blackmail," he said.

Gay Couple, Kevin Morris and Russel Day, Catch UK Variant Of Covid and Warn Others To Be Vigilant

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